All Aboard Florida Train

All Aboard Florida Train

"All Aboard Florida" - Proposed Rail System


It is possible that you are traveling to Florida to see family, enjoy a short vacation or even get to the sunny state for employment reasons; but whatever the reasons behind your visit to Florida, thanks to a planned All Aboard Florida rail system that will run from Orlando to Miami, this much-traveled journey is about to get so much easier and convenient for the commuter.

The company behind this new venture is Florida East Coast Industries (FECI) which is developing a cool, environmentally-friendly way to travel through all parts of the south and center of Florida. The big cities of Tampa and Jacksonville are to be added at a later stage in the project.

This huge passenger rail service will consist of 195 miles of rail track connecting the heartlands of Florida and its inner center to the southern counties. The rail corridor will run down the eastern coastline of Florida, where many of the big cities are fast developing into thriving communities and popular hotspots for tourists.

From Orlando you will soon be able to jump aboard the “All aboard Florida” rail network and go as far south as Miami and stop off at West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale on the way. Naturally, the return journey from Miami back up to Orlando can also be made.

So, let’s take a closer look at the exact locations of the stops on the journey: Miami’s stop will be located in the heart of downtown and the same applies to the cities of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Indeed, all locations will offer travelers easy access to international airports, seaports, and existing and future rail, coach and taxi hubs. An example will be the Orange County transit system of Sun Rail and Metro Mover and Metro Rail in Miami-Dade County.

It has been a well-known problem that Florida’s highways are getting too congested and choked with traffic. The “All aboard Florida” rail network will alleviate much of this. Moreover, it will not just be holiday makers, leisure trackers and residents that are expected to use the service, but international visitors and the business community too.

The AAF Rail System will be for everyone and Passenger operations are expected to start by 2016. Once up and running, the journey time between Orlando and Miami will take just three hours – now you try doing that journey in your car in the same time and you’ll get a ticket for sure!

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