In order to heat your pool, should you go for solar heating or gas? The right solution for this very much depends on where you might live; in Florida, pool owners often deliberate between using no heating at all, solar panel heating or gas heaters. After all, Florida summers are hot and humid and even a shady pool keeps warm but come winter, a pool in the shade would be unusable unless properly heated.

Then there is the consideration of cost: heating a pool for one year could see the cost run into the thousands. Solar pool heating is a big favorite for Florida pool owners as even on the many cloudy days the state experiences, there is still energy being created from the panelings' exposure to the sun and UV rays.

The solar option is to use black panels positioned on your roof which capture the hot Florida sun’s infrared rays and warms up the water running through them. Aquatherm are one popular manufacturer and provider of such a solution but what’s the alternative?

A gas heat pump draws the warmth from the hot Florida air and pumps it into the water. This method means your body won’t go into shock when you plunge into your chilly morning Florida pool. It is also handy if you could use a cover to maintain the heat of the day during the evenings and overnight when the pool is not in use.

To look at the process in layman’s terms: the entire process acts like an air conditioner in the home, only in reverse. Instead of cooling it heats and in place of air that is being cooled, it is water that is being heated. An AC system uses water to cool the air, the gas heat pump uses air to heat the water – isn’t science fascinating?

The gas used to heat pools in Florida can be made from natural gas or propane gas and experts rate the efficiency levels at around 85 per cent. Ask any Florida pool owner that has a natural gas heating solution, which they can use on demand, and the general consensus is - they love it!

They also like the fact that using the gas on demand means costs are kept lower. However, the solar heating option, whilst more expensive to install has the distinct advantage of being friendlier to the environment.

So, do your research before making your decision. The best opinions you can get are from friends and neighbors who have gone through the process before.

Happy Swimming!

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