In the north eastern section of Miami-Dade County there lies the sunshine city of Aventura. It is the city of adventure (after all, that’s what Aventura means in Spanish) and the place where you can find fine living, plenty of condos and some wonderful places to shop.

Several residents of Aventura can often be found shopping until they drop in the nationally renowned shopping plaza called the Aventura Mall. As at 2010, the population of this vibrant city was just under 97,000.


But many will be surprised at how new this place actually is. It did not even begin development until the early 1970s, and even used to be called Turnberry. But in 1995 the city was incorporated as such, and within two years the place actually got its own police force.

You can still find the Turnberry Isle pleasure resort here and there is a pleasant marina based here. In fact, the marina is the one and same as when presidential hopeful Gary Hart had THAT incident with Donna Rice aboard his yacht Monkey Business.

Living in Aventura means adapting to a special kind of climate. To those living outside of Florida or overseas, it may come as a surprise that this region is not just sunny and warm all the time. There are times when it is hot and thundery, hot, humid, sunny and sultry, or indeed a mixture of all of the above.

Hurricane season comes to these shores every June through to October, and although it may miss out on a big storm most years, it has been battered in the past by some violent hurricanes which have decimated the area. Aventura Library was razed to the ground by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and it still hasn’t been rebuilt some ten years later.

Although the majority (60 %) speak English as their first language, the demographics here suggest that one in four (25%) actually use Spanish as their first language. The Hispanic population are aplenty and so too is the Jewish population in Aventura.

Getting around Aventura is quite easy also, as the infrastructure here is well laid out, even for those without a car. The Aventura Express is a shuttle bus which runs around the city and all permanent residents of this city get to have a special bus pass, meaning they can travel around the city free of charge.

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