Boca Raton is a city situated in one of the world’s most pleasant states and the most desirable neighborhood. Living here is like fulfilling a dream and since 1925 it has been the place where many Americans will have strived to eventually live. The city is located in Palm Beach County, one of Florida’s most desirable counties and offers year-round sunshine and warm temperatures as standard.

There are about 90,000 people living here at present but the population swells to 200,000 as the business and leisure district attracts people from far and wide on an almost daily basis. There is no place larger than Boca Raton between West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach, in Broward County.

There is no shortage of homes costing $1.5 million in this city with most mansions at this price coming complete with six bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms to match. At the lower end of the scale there are numerous one-bedroom condos for sale in Boca Raton which would set you back about $110,000 in today’s money. Many of the condo establishments are found within a gated community complex.

The city is well known for its high income earners and affluence. More than 60 percent of all its population are married couples living together as a family. Almost 30 percent of the population are within the age range of 45 and 64 which is pretty much the demographic magic of the city as it is said to be full of “middle-aged young at heart affluent adults.”

Gated communities are popular in Boca Raton, there are three such complexes in this city that could be hailed as some of the most expensive real estate in the entire country. The Royal Palm and Country Club is just about the most affluent gated community in America and the luxurious and opulent Sanctuary is not far behind.

The average take home salary for the typical Boca Raton family is around $70,000 per annum and it is a city that has been growing in size ever since its conception nearly a century ago. During the Second World War there were less than a thousand people stationed here and it was not until the sixties and the social revolution boom that people began to see the attraction of this thriving city. In fact, between 1960 and 1970 the city’s population grew from a quiet 6,000-plus populace to a bustling 30,000-plus.

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