New Biosecurity Protocols have been announced for the ESP Fall Circuit. See the press release below...

Wellington, FL - October 15, 2013 - Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) would like to announce important revisions to the biosecurity protocols that will be followed during the 2013 ESP Fall Horse Show Circuit. The ESP Fall Circuit features six weeks of top competition running through November 17, 2013, at the beautiful Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) in Wellington, FL. The official prize list and all health requirements can be found online at

Required Equine Health Information - Revised 10/14/13

Equestrian Sport Productions would like to emphasize the importance of following the biosecurity protocols at these and all ESP competitions. New health requirements went into effect starting with the first Fall I Show. The following revision will be in effect at Fall II and for the rest of the Fall Series.

It is recommended that all horses stabling on the PBIEC grounds arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If it is necessary to arrive at any other time you must make arrangements with the show office prior to arrival. 561-793-5867.   

ESP has been working with several of the veterinarian professionals currently in the area on what is the best protocol for the health of the horses competing at PBIEC. We appreciate your diligence and understanding moving forward with providing the appropriate documents in an effort to continue to provide the safest showing environment possible for our horses.

We are aware that there is concern for revaccinating in situations where the horses may be just outside the 90 day window. We are therefore modifying our requirement under the following conditions: Your veterinarian may now certify on your health statement that your horses are healthy, have not been exposed to EHV and that the vaccinations were administered within 120 days. Date administered must be written on the health statement, along with the horses competing name. Barn names will not be accepted. You will be responsible for revaccinating before returning to the facility once you are outside the 120 day window. Please note that the same 120 day protocol will be enforced for the Holiday Series, so please plan accordingly.

Every horse will need to have this statement of health in the show office before being issued a back number. We recommend that you keep copies of your health statement along with a current Coggins. You will need to show these documents to the Security gate upon entering the facility. There may also be random checks by the state Veterinarian if they deem it necessary.

For barns that are returning week after week with the same horses (and no new exposure to other horses being shipped into the farm) there will be a letter of compliance in the show office that the trainer can sign. This is after Health Statements are on file for every horse showing. This letter of compliance will negate the necessity for the statement of health to be issued each week by your veterinarian. This option is only available for farms that have had no changes in horses at their facility, no fevers of unknown origin, or vaccine expirations outside the 120 day window.

ESP, LLC management strives to provide an excellent showing environment. An integral part of an excellent showing environment includes healthy horses. Exhibitors, especially those traveling long distances, can contribute to that healthy environment by following some basic recommendations listed below. Please monitor our web site at for any additional and possibly mandatory requirements.

1) A current negative coggins test. Please renew before it expires, and not just before it is necessary to leave the state. It is strongly recommended that all horses be vaccinated for Equine EHV-1 (either modified live or killed vaccine) no sooner than 7 days prior and no later than 120 days prior to entering the show grounds. Most EHV-1 vaccines are only considered effective for 90 days. Check with your veterinarian about which vaccine you use.

2) Statement of Health must be signed by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of arrival at PBIEC, documenting that the horse has:

a. Received regular and consistent vaccination against Equine Influenza and EHV 1 & 4 with most recent booster being within 120 days and not within 7 days.

b. Not shown symptoms of or been treated for EHV-4/1 within the past 28 days.

c. Not been at a facility under quarantine for EHV-4/1 or exposed to any horses showing symptoms of EHV-4/1 within the past 28 days

3) Current vaccination against WNV, EEE, WEE, Tetanus and Rabies is strongly recommended.

4) You should be able to document your horse's normal temperature before arrival. Please do not ship horses with elevated temperatures. It is recommended that you establish a log of temperatures taken at least twice daily. If there is an elevated temperature for more than a 24 hour period, please consult your local Veterinarian immediately. 

5) Every effort should be made to minimize stress and commingling of horses shipped long distances. Extra hours on a horse van, or moving from stable to stable is the fastest way to compromise your horses' and your neighbors horses' health.

6) Any horse on the show grounds with a fever of unknown origin or of suspicious origin must be reported to ESP, LLC Management. It is always better to err on the side safety. Isolation stalls will either be available on the grounds or at a local veterinary practice if the need arises.

7) Please take the time to review equine good hygiene practices and impress its importance to your groom in everyday care.

$25,000 ESP Fall III Grand Prix Coming Up on Sunday, October 27

ESP looks forward to hosting their first grand prix of the fall season with the $25,000 ESP Fall III Grand Prix coming up on Sunday, October 27.

The horse shows of the 2013 ESP Fall Circuit are all USEF, NAL, and Marshall & Sterling League approved. Shows feature an early stall discount of $30 per stall (see details in prize list), a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class at all shows, as well as $500 Pony and Hunter Classics.

The $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class will run on Friday during ESP Fall III only, all others will be held on Sunday each week.
The remaining dates include:

ESP Fall II - October 18-20, 2013 - "A" rated hunter and 3-star jumper competition featuring a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake Class on Sunday, October 20.

ESP Fall III - October 25-27, 2013 - "A" rated hunter and 3-star jumper competition featuring a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class on Friday, October 25 and the $25,000 ESP Fall III Grand Prix on Sunday, October 27.

ESP Fall Finale - November 1-3, 2013 - "A" rated hunter and 3-star jumper competition featuring a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class on Sunday, November 3.

ESP November - November 9-10, 2013 - "C" rated hunter and 2-star jumper competition featuring a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class on Sunday, November 10.

Counts for both PBCHA and ESP Circuits

ESP Pre-Charity - November 16-17, 2013 -Featuring a $10,000 Open Jumper Stake class on Sunday, November 17.

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