International Real Estate


Many times we get so accustomed to our own local real estate market that we forget there are other markets, even in other countries, that are striving and growing.


Our own web manager, Michael, from Meine Media, was in Asia recently. He found that since he was there last year, one particular island called Koh Samui, was  booming all of a sudden. Building condos and private homes at a much faster rate than in the past.


Thailand Real Estate Market


Now, of course, an Island Real Estate market can be driven by completely different factors, especially when tourism plays a large part in the local economy. Not completely unlike Miami Real Estate, but on a more condensed scale.


In countries like this, Thailand for example, many factors that play a part in buying an investment property in the U.S, aren't as important here. Like owner occupancy, hoa fees, land taxes etc.


Koh Samui Real Estate


This island is such a melting pot for residents, expats and tourists from Italy, France and Russia, to Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese.


The pictures here depict both vacant lots, new construction and previous developments.


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