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Living in Fountain Springs neighborhood of Plantation Florida

by Cinthia Ane

Plantation Florida Real Estate

Fountain Springs is a neighborhood within the city of Plantation, Florida. The detached homes are much sought after here with there very attractive prices, so it should come as no surprise that they are snapped up as soon as they go on the market. However, there are many bargains still to be had, particularly if you can source a short sale of REO property. One two-storey property on the water in Fountain Springs is up for sale at just $140,000, although much work will be need to be done before it’s move in ready, it still strikes up as a lucrative buy.

Fountain Springs Florida Real Estate

Homes here have generally been built in the last 30 years or so. In fact, it has history but as recently as 1950 Plantation was little more than a backwater town with a population little more than 200. Even in the sixties this town was a very small town with the population kept well under 7,000.

The communications and electronics giant Motorola opened up a factory here in 1969 and the town grew as a result. In reality, it was in the seventies when the boom took place in the town and it steadily grew into the multi-cultural, thriving, economic city it is today.

Plantation Florida Living

Generally, however, homes are in the region of $260,000 and up and that’s for homes with around three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Condos vary wildly in price in Fountain Springs and there are not that many up for sale at present, however, there are one or two bargains to be snapped up here. A three-bedroom and two-bathroom condo can be found at under $200,000 in Fountain Springs, but what’s it like to live here?

Map of Fountain Springs in Plantation Florida

Plantation is also home to several elementary schools and many private schools. Both Fountain Springs and Bridgewater Communities are zoned to the “A” rated Central Park Elementary. Many houses of worship are within walking distance also. Fountain Springs is perfect for families who like the outdoors. There are community pools, parks, walking paths, tennis courts and even basketball courts, so perfect for the kids. Shopping is also right around the corner, with Publix, Winn Dixie, Trader Joes and the Sawgrass Mall just minutes away. And with the beaches about 30 minutes away and only 15 minutes to the airport, the location of Fountain Springs is central and sought after.

For more information on Fountain Springs, or for a list of available properties in the area, contact Cinthia Ane.

International Real Estate


Many times we get so accustomed to our own local real estate market that we forget there are other markets, even in other countries, that are striving and growing.


Our own web manager, Michael, from Meine Media, was in Asia recently. He found that since he was there last year, one particular island called Koh Samui, was  booming all of a sudden. Building condos and private homes at a much faster rate than in the past.


Thailand Real Estate Market


Now, of course, an Island Real Estate market can be driven by completely different factors, especially when tourism plays a large part in the local economy. Not completely unlike Miami Real Estate, but on a more condensed scale.


In countries like this, Thailand for example, many factors that play a part in buying an investment property in the U.S, aren't as important here. Like owner occupancy, hoa fees, land taxes etc.


Koh Samui Real Estate


This island is such a melting pot for residents, expats and tourists from Italy, France and Russia, to Americans, Chinese and Vietnamese.


The pictures here depict both vacant lots, new construction and previous developments.


Contact Cinthia Ane for an International Real Estate Broker referral

The Lakes of Jacaranda in Plantation Florida

Lakes of Jacaranda Florida

Lakes of Jacaranda is a condo complex in Plantation Florida. A series of beautiful lakes and ponds surround the condos making this a water lovers’ paradise. Just across the street you will find elementary schools, wide open spaces and parks with golf courses and shopping just a few minutes’ walk away.

The Fort Lauderdale International Airport is just a few minutes’ drive away and within easy reach you’ll be able to find miles of soft sandy beaches, boutiques, classy shops, restaurants, Las Olas resort and entertainment all nearby.

Lakes of Jacaranda is centrally located to a number of highways and it would take about only 30 minutes to drive to Miami Beach. If you prefer to check out the famous West Palm Beach, its also a short drive away.

Lakes of Jacaranda offer condos with one, two or three bedroom units. All apartments have a built-in kitchen dishwasher, washer-dryer, ceiling fans, large closets, private patios and terraces. There will be ample parking for residents and their guests and most condos have floor to ceiling windows looking out over one of the wonderfully maintained lakes.

Plantation Florida Real Estate

Inside the condos the rooms are light, bright and airy. Lakes of Jacaranda Condos offer a range of amenities for residents to enjoy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are two swimming pools both of which could be classed as resort-style. There is a beautiful, elegant and comfortable sun deck with a spa, heated Jacuzzi and all pool side areas will have internet Wi-Fi access.

Fancy a barbecue? The pool-side areas and sun decks all have access to fire pits and BBQ points. There are a number of picnic tables to offer residents fine al-fresco dining and eating out in the warm evening sunshine.

There is plenty for the children here too. The playground area will keep the little ones occupied for hours and those who are into fitness can take advantage of the Lakefront Trail Routes. These are perfect for cycling, walking, jogging or just taking on board a little exercise every now and again. If you wish to enjoy your exercise in a controlled environment then check out the state-of-the-art health and fitness center inside the complex.

Lakes of Jacaranda has it all. The large business center for those who wish to work from home, a club house for socializing and a car care centre to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Contact Cinthia Ane for more information.

Mystique Estates in Davie Florida - Our featured Community

by Cinthia Ane

Mystique Estates in Davie Florida

Have you heard of Mystique Estates in Davie Florida?

If you live in or have interest in finding the perfect neighborhood in south Florida, you already know that there are so many that they all start to look and feel the same.

Many of our clients are looking for a place that’s "a little different", to plant roots and make a home. Many of them found the type of living that they desired at Mystique Estates. Set on approximately 160 acres, this Community offers just over 110 homes in a stunning Lake setting. Each home is on it's own acre+ lot and placed on tree lined streets.

Real Estate in Mystique Estates Davie Florida

Not only is it's location perfect to get around the area quickly; it's the unique features inside this community that attract a special type of homeowner. Like Equestrian and nature trails, stunning Lake and Horse Park. Mystique Estates is certainly kid friendly with so many areas to entertain the little ones.

Streets in the Mystique Estates Community  Davie Florida Real Estate Map

Homes are rarely available here so it is wise to have Cinthia Ane monitor Mystique Estates daily for the perfect home for you, the minute it pops up on the market.

Here are the current available homes in the community

Contact Cinthia Ane for more information.

Here are our latest entry level Investment Real Estate Listings in the Miami and Surrounding areas

Miami Real Estate Investment Property


The 3 most important things that make for the perfect Miami condo.

by Cinthia Ane

The 3 most important things that make for the perfect Miami condo.


Every week we feature another fantastic Miami property. Sometimes a high-rise, sometimes lowrise, maybe even beachfront or canal front. Although each one of these fantastic residences boast luxurious amenities, views and materials, to many of our clients, they all seem to start looking alike.


So I would really like to know what the majority of Miami homebuyers like you look for in a luxury condo. Is it the:





-Unit sizes

-Or even the style and architecture of the building that peak your interest?


Now I know what you're thinking. You realized I left out the option of price. I did that because of course price is always a factor with any buyer whether it's a $50,000 unit buyer or a $50 million property buyer. 


Of course, we do our best to find each and every one of our clients exactly what they're looking for. Although sometimes it is necessary to have a little wiggle room, whether it be with the price, location, or amenities. A great thing about Miami is that no matter what a homebuyer's budget, there or always options and properties available for them.


And don't worry, you can't answer incorrectly. We have even had clients who turned down certain properties because "the closets are too small", or "the granite in the kitchen was ugly", or that "there aren't enough parking spaces". So, really, there or no wrong answers.


So tell us, what three things are most important to you in finding a home in the Miami area?

Aventura, Florida – City in the Sun

by Cinthia Ane

In the north eastern section of Miami-Dade County there lies the sunshine city of Aventura. It is the city of adventure (after all, that’s what Aventura means in Spanish) and the place where you can find fine living, plenty of condos and some wonderful places to shop.

Several residents of Aventura can often be found shopping until they drop in the nationally renowned shopping plaza called the Aventura Mall. As at 2010, the population of this vibrant city was just under 97,000.


But many will be surprised at how new this place actually is. It did not even begin development until the early 1970s, and even used to be called Turnberry. But in 1995 the city was incorporated as such, and within two years the place actually got its own police force.

You can still find the Turnberry Isle pleasure resort here and there is a pleasant marina based here. In fact, the marina is the one and same as when presidential hopeful Gary Hart had THAT incident with Donna Rice aboard his yacht Monkey Business.

Living in Aventura means adapting to a special kind of climate. To those living outside of Florida or overseas, it may come as a surprise that this region is not just sunny and warm all the time. There are times when it is hot and thundery, hot, humid, sunny and sultry, or indeed a mixture of all of the above.

Hurricane season comes to these shores every June through to October, and although it may miss out on a big storm most years, it has been battered in the past by some violent hurricanes which have decimated the area. Aventura Library was razed to the ground by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and it still hasn’t been rebuilt some ten years later.

Although the majority (60 %) speak English as their first language, the demographics here suggest that one in four (25%) actually use Spanish as their first language. The Hispanic population are aplenty and so too is the Jewish population in Aventura.

Getting around Aventura is quite easy also, as the infrastructure here is well laid out, even for those without a car. The Aventura Express is a shuttle bus which runs around the city and all permanent residents of this city get to have a special bus pass, meaning they can travel around the city free of charge.

For more information on Aventura and if you are looking for real estate in Aventura, Contact Cinthia Ane

Such a unique place to live - West Palm Beach

by Cinthia Ane

Ask many people around the world what they would think West     Palm Beach is like, and they would probably tell you it’s a nice beach somewhere in Florida, where the sun shines and people drink cocktails on the beach; to some extent that’s kind of true, but there’s an awful lot more to West Palm Beach than just sun, sea sand and Sangria.



West Palm Beach is a city – yes, an actual metropolis which forms a part of the county seat of Palm Beach County and is one of three big cities located in South Florida. The population here has just recently surpassed the 100,000 mark and its real claim to fame is that it was actually incorporated as a city BEFORE another famous southern Florida city actually was passed – that city being none other than Miami!

West Palm Beach actually lies around 70 miles north of Miami, so any influence to the loud Florida city has little influence here. Although the city has been around since the late 19th century it never really got going until the years just after the Second World War. This was when there was a boom in the population and the industry and economy of the region began to really take off. Many servicemen and war-serving personnel began to settle here after the war was over.

There are so many historic neighborhoods and communities that still thrive here today. There is the West Northwood Historic District, where many homes were built for the middle classes during the depression years of the mid-1920s. These homes received a boost with many being renovated during the 1990s.

The Northwood Hills Historic District is also a district where many mission homes were built just after the Second World War, and once again received a new renovation program during the 1990s. The Old Northwood Historic District was built around the years just after the First World War – the time at which was considered to be in the middle of Florida’s housing boom.

Grandview Heights is a very old district which still stands proudly in the city of West Palm Beach today. Work began here in 1910 and the neighborhood saw some 15 years of building before the area was completed in 1925.

Flamingo Park and Central Park make up two open spaces where residents and city folk can take a break from the daily life of work and exercise, or simply take the dogs for a walk.

West Palm Beach may provide you the exact lifestyle you are looking for. Contact Cinthia Ane today.

Aria on the Bay – Style and Sophistication in Miami

by Cinthia Ane

Aria on the Bay could well be the most exciting new condo tower to soon pop up on Miami’s skyline. The new construction will sit right in the heart of Miami’s arts and cultural district. Biscayne Bay is well reputed to be the district most people want to live in. Aria on the Bay will be packed with top class amenities, purpose-built for luxury living.

So what will this new construction look like when finished? The tower will rise some 53 storeys high and will be located directly on Key Biscayne in South Florida. There will be room for 647 residences which will range in size from a compact but luxurious 813 square feet unit to a spacious 2,365 square feet home.

The amenities here will be first class – what other condo complex offers two curved pools, one where you can swim in the sun during sunrise and the other can be bathed in the evening sun. There will be a separate pool just for the kids and a hot tub and Jacuzzi overlooking Biscayne Bay.

There will be rooms where the residents can gather and socialize, one indoors and the other right outside in the Miami sun. A huge sun deck area will accommodate those wishing to soak up the sun and on the street level there will be plenty of commercial space for shopping and retail outlets.

The reception desk will be open 24 hours a day and there will also be extensive on-site security and monitoring. You might be wondering where you would leave your car; well, you could either have the valet park it for you or park it yourself in the controlled-entry garage with designated parking spaces assigned just for you.

You can even keep fit at the on-site gym or use the yoga studio. In the outdoor social area, residents can utilize the amenities like the fir pit area and BBQ facilities.

There is also a private spa and massage treatment area to treat yourself and those aching muscles, and the indoor social area will have pool tables and a huge flat screen television to watch all the live sporting events. There will also be separate rooms for the kids to play in and a teenager hangout area too.

The Aria caters to every family size, budget and discerning taste.

Contact me, Cinthia Ane for more information on The Aria.

In order to heat your pool, should you go for solar heating or gas? The right solution for this very much depends on where you might live; in Florida, pool owners often deliberate between using no heating at all, solar panel heating or gas heaters. After all, Florida summers are hot and humid and even a shady pool keeps warm but come winter, a pool in the shade would be unusable unless properly heated.

Then there is the consideration of cost: heating a pool for one year could see the cost run into the thousands. Solar pool heating is a big favorite for Florida pool owners as even on the many cloudy days the state experiences, there is still energy being created from the panelings' exposure to the sun and UV rays.

The solar option is to use black panels positioned on your roof which capture the hot Florida sun’s infrared rays and warms up the water running through them. Aquatherm are one popular manufacturer and provider of such a solution but what’s the alternative?

A gas heat pump draws the warmth from the hot Florida air and pumps it into the water. This method means your body won’t go into shock when you plunge into your chilly morning Florida pool. It is also handy if you could use a cover to maintain the heat of the day during the evenings and overnight when the pool is not in use.

To look at the process in layman’s terms: the entire process acts like an air conditioner in the home, only in reverse. Instead of cooling it heats and in place of air that is being cooled, it is water that is being heated. An AC system uses water to cool the air, the gas heat pump uses air to heat the water – isn’t science fascinating?

The gas used to heat pools in Florida can be made from natural gas or propane gas and experts rate the efficiency levels at around 85 per cent. Ask any Florida pool owner that has a natural gas heating solution, which they can use on demand, and the general consensus is - they love it!

They also like the fact that using the gas on demand means costs are kept lower. However, the solar heating option, whilst more expensive to install has the distinct advantage of being friendlier to the environment.

So, do your research before making your decision. The best opinions you can get are from friends and neighbors who have gone through the process before.

Happy Swimming!

Contact us for more information on Real Estate in South Florida.


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