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Southwest Ranches is a very small town – only around 13 square miles in size but its home to 7,000 souls who enjoy a countryside lifestyle, an abundance of wildlife and several farms, nurseries and fields with grazing cattle, horses and sheep. You will also notice an amazing landscape of picturesque valleys, agricultural farmlands and a retreat from the rat race.

It was as recently as the year 2000 when the residents of Southwest Ranches decided to form a new town rather than be cut off from the Broward County Legislation. The area known as Southwest Ranches was due to be annexed as an unincorporated area but its residents formed a campaign to get the area designated as a new city – and won.

Southwest Ranches Florida Real Estate

Most of the homes here consist of single family homes which are valued at anywhere from $200,000 to well into the millions – which puts homes here right in the desired real estate bracket. The majority of the residents here and most of its 7,000-plus population tend to work in agriculture, farming and equestrian ranch holdings.

There is very little heavy industry here and commercial centres are limited to just the Tom Thumb Centre and the Coquina Plaza. You can discover many parks and recreational areas to enjoy – such as the Rolling Oaks Open Space Park and the Southwest Meadows Sanctuary. A great place to go horse riding is the Southwest Ranches Equestrian Park and anywhere along the winding trails of the Frontier Way. The Country Estates Fishing Hole Park is the perfect area to relax and enjoy Florida’s backwater town in a spectacular setting.

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It is very easy to find this town as it is close to the highways of I-75, Interstate 595 and US 27 road. In fact, the town is just a 15 minute drive from Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood International Airport with the Miami International Airport just 30 minutes away.

The town exists to prevent the overdevelopment of the Florida landscape. It aims to keep that rural feel and preserve a lifestyle which seems to be diminishing across the state of Florida. Here you will more likely see donkeys grazing in a meadow, roosters crowing early in the morning, fields of farm animals and a slower pace of life in general.

What you will not find here are sidewalks, towers, residential blocks of one-bed apartments, choking traffic and a lack of community spirit. Southwest Ranches is an open space of rural bliss and charming country life.

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