Hallandale Beach is located in the well-known sunny county of Broward in South Florida and is perhaps better known for its horse racing and casinos, which grace the area. The Mardi-Gras casino attracts visitors from all over the country and millions attend the Gulfstream Park horse and greyhound tracks every year.

There was no permanent settlement here right up until the late 19th century. There were a number of Seminole Indian settlements – most of which tended to be more inland at the time. The first sign of European influence in the area came from Swedish immigrants who worked on the railroad in various capacities.

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The Florida East Coast Railway was gathering ground during the 20th century and Luther Halland, one of the Swedish administrators, was given the duty to assist the railroad owners in building the community of Hallandale Beach (originally called Dania then Halland) as a kind of staging post for the railroad workforce.

By the turn of the 20th century there were perhaps no more than a dozen families that lived here. The community was mainly of English, Swedish and some African descendants and the entire area was little more than a backwater farming area.

However, things rapidly began to change with the introduction of electricity and street lighting Hallandale Beach saw its population rise to as many as 1,500 within just three decades. Although the “Beach” suffix was not added to Hallandale until 1999, there was always a beach here the residents enjoyed year round, which would have been referred to unofficially as Hallandale Beach.

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When the devastating Hurricane Katrina arrived, it first made shore at Hallandale Beach before moving off into the Gulf of Mexico and bringing widespread devastation to the New Orleans state.

Overall, the area we know as Hallandale Beach is very small. It covers a tiny area of just 4.5 square miles. It is surrounded by the more famous Hollywood Fl area to its north and Aventura to the south.

Today, the area around Hallandale Beach has many high-rise luxury towers and residences, access to the interstate and waterways often with high-end yachts cruising around. There are many high-end boutiques and shops in new and modern shopping plazas and many great restaurants serving some of the finest Florida cuisine.

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The beach is perfect with warm white sands and gentle waves lapping in from the Atlantic Ocean to the eastern coastal fringe. Hallandale is a stunning and unique beach community with a smaller town feel, compared to many of the surrounding South Florida cities.

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