Ask many people around the world what they would think West     Palm Beach is like, and they would probably tell you it’s a nice beach somewhere in Florida, where the sun shines and people drink cocktails on the beach; to some extent that’s kind of true, but there’s an awful lot more to West Palm Beach than just sun, sea sand and Sangria.



West Palm Beach is a city – yes, an actual metropolis which forms a part of the county seat of Palm Beach County and is one of three big cities located in South Florida. The population here has just recently surpassed the 100,000 mark and its real claim to fame is that it was actually incorporated as a city BEFORE another famous southern Florida city actually was passed – that city being none other than Miami!

West Palm Beach actually lies around 70 miles north of Miami, so any influence to the loud Florida city has little influence here. Although the city has been around since the late 19th century it never really got going until the years just after the Second World War. This was when there was a boom in the population and the industry and economy of the region began to really take off. Many servicemen and war-serving personnel began to settle here after the war was over.

There are so many historic neighborhoods and communities that still thrive here today. There is the West Northwood Historic District, where many homes were built for the middle classes during the depression years of the mid-1920s. These homes received a boost with many being renovated during the 1990s.

The Northwood Hills Historic District is also a district where many mission homes were built just after the Second World War, and once again received a new renovation program during the 1990s. The Old Northwood Historic District was built around the years just after the First World War – the time at which was considered to be in the middle of Florida’s housing boom.

Grandview Heights is a very old district which still stands proudly in the city of West Palm Beach today. Work began here in 1910 and the neighborhood saw some 15 years of building before the area was completed in 1925.

Flamingo Park and Central Park make up two open spaces where residents and city folk can take a break from the daily life of work and exercise, or simply take the dogs for a walk.

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