The 3 most important things that make for the perfect Miami condo.


Every week we feature another fantastic Miami property. Sometimes a high-rise, sometimes lowrise, maybe even beachfront or canal front. Although each one of these fantastic residences boast luxurious amenities, views and materials, to many of our clients, they all seem to start looking alike.


So I would really like to know what the majority of Miami homebuyers like you look for in a luxury condo. Is it the:





-Unit sizes

-Or even the style and architecture of the building that peak your interest?


Now I know what you're thinking. You realized I left out the option of price. I did that because of course price is always a factor with any buyer whether it's a $50,000 unit buyer or a $50 million property buyer. 


Of course, we do our best to find each and every one of our clients exactly what they're looking for. Although sometimes it is necessary to have a little wiggle room, whether it be with the price, location, or amenities. A great thing about Miami is that no matter what a homebuyer's budget, there or always options and properties available for them.


And don't worry, you can't answer incorrectly. We have even had clients who turned down certain properties because "the closets are too small", or "the granite in the kitchen was ugly", or that "there aren't enough parking spaces". So, really, there or no wrong answers.


So tell us, what three things are most important to you in finding a home in the Miami area?