The Fort Lauderdale area has many great places to live in style with a great location. The atmosphere and the style of the area is quite unique, and very desirable. One of the more prominent parts of the Fort Lauderdale property ring is the Conrad Residences. The Conrad Residences offer some of the most stunning condos, views and are right across the street from the beach.

With around 280 different units as well as enclosed parking, check-in stations for maximum security and the tower, which is full of stunning places to enjoy yourself, The Conrad Residences are the dream household for many offering a sanctuary of comfort and luxury all the way, a bold and engaging new place to live for many people.

These residences offer convenience, comfort, luxury and style all into a great complex that is an absolute pleasure to stay in. You can have your pick of anything from a studio apartment to a four bedroom apartment, which will vary in size and style to fit as many different personalities and approaches as they possibly can. The breakdown works out at;

  • 143 studio apartments
  • 89 one bedroom apartments
  • 54 two bedroom apartments
  • 3 three bedroom apartments
  • 1 four bedroom apartment

This allows as many people as possible to get the premium lifestyle and the comfort of staying at the Conrad Residences. All of these suites come with everything you need from a variety of high-end bathrooms, walk-in closets, upgraded kitchens, dens, terraces, and ocean views – literally everything that you could possibly want to see within a classy and cool residence.

If you are looking to find a great high-end property in a great location in Ft. Lauderdale, then you can find everything you need about the Conrad Residences here. These high-end apartments are going to give you the quality of life that you seek, as you will be treated like a King from the moment that you arrive.