Parkland Florida

Just outside Fort Lauderdale you will discover a vibrant and affluent city called Parkland, where laws are put in place to make sure parks and open green spaces are designed and protected with an intention to keep Parkland just as the name suggests – a city with several beautiful parks and places to relax.

Developers and builders all have to conform to strict zoning laws in order to maintain this city’s park character. The city has very few stores and even fewer traffic lights and the area it covers is essentially rather small. Parkland is about three miles wide and around four miles long. The population is only around 24,000 and most of those living here are very wealthy.

The city was first established in 1963 and many of the homes here are said to be valued well in excess of $1 million. But with average salaries of its residents at around $190,000 it’s not too difficult to see why most homes have tennis courts and swimming pools as standard.

Parkland Florida

The school system in Parkland has been voted as being among the best in the United States. The city has a large population of under 18 year olds but it’s the best place to raise a family as the small city is full of sports fields, family centres, educational classes and things to young people to do.

Take a drive on the roads of Parkland and you will be amazed at how light the traffic levels are. Anyone who has driven through downtown Miami or Fort Lauderdale will be aware how congested the roads can get, particularly at 5pm on a weekday afternoon, but not in Parkland.

The city also boasts golf courses, wildlife systems, pine trails and wide open spaces for horse riding or just to have a family picnic or barbecue. Anyone who fancies keeping fit by going out for a jog will be pleased to find its streets or often lined with shady trees and a sidewalk perfect for that three-mile run before you head off to work.

Parkland is something of a rural enclave which goes against the grain of Southern Florida’s urban landscapes and inner city arenas. There are small farms and horse ranches as well as several gated communities in Parkland and the city is a big pull for high-flying executives and ideal for raising a family in the city where crime figures are well below Florida city averages.

If you are thinking of settling down in a unique community like this in South Florida, check out Parkland and contact Cinthia for more information.