Indeed, there are many plusses to having a verdant, luxurious lawn in front of your South Florida home.

lawn mowerThe first, of course, is appearance—and the admiring looks you receive from neighbors.  In addition, a good crop of healthy grass makes a great recreational space, prevents soil erosion, filters contaminants from rainwater, and absorbs many kinds of airborne pollutants.

That said, it should also be noted that traditional lawns aren’t suited for many climates in the U.S, and they aren’t always eco-friendly. They can be difficult to maintain and require both a lot of water and pest/ weed control to achieve the perfect green look.  They certainly do take time and cost money!

It is not surprising, then, that as owners of South Florida homes become more environmentally aware, more economically frugal, and more over-scheduled in their busy lives, they begin exploring other options, from ground covering plants to landscaping installations to decks, pools, and vegetable gardens.

Easy steps to follow include the following:

  • Plan out your design before getting started. Decide where you want to place pathways, what type of plantings and borders you like, and what the overall style and purpose of your yard will be. You can always opt for a reduced lawn, surrounding the grassy plot with a patio, plantings, or pavers.
  • Research possible types of native plants and groundcoversSites such as and provide a wealth of information to help you choose what is best for the yard of your South Florida home.  Keep in mind the time and water requirements for each.  Clover has become a popular substitute for grass, as has gravel, pine straw, or mulch.
  • Remove the existing grass.  You can apply an herbicide such as Roundup, or you can physically remove the lawn with a sod cutter. However, an easier and more environmentally friendly method is sheet mulching.  Whatever your method, there should be no debris left when you are done, just bare ground tilled as little as possible.
  • Be a real rebel.  Many choose to opt out of caring for their yard at all and create their own "freedom lawn". Whatever grows. Some choose to mow it, others not. Either way, it is nearly maintenance-free and requires no pesticides or fertilizer.  Beware, however, it just might incur the wrath of your neighbors or the HOA!

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