Need your help! Everyday many hungry Americans make impossible choices between the essentials of living. 45% have to choose between paying utilities or buying food. More than 35% choose between buying food and paying their rent or mortgage. JUNE is National Hunger Month.

Florida Canstruction fund raising

During the summer months, food banks often dry up as holiday donations have depleted. Also during this time, children are out of school without access to free or reduced lunch programs, which puts an incredible strain on working parents and on local communities. The food and awareness raised during this event make an incredible difference in the lives of our neighbors and have a lasting impact with all involved.

During Canstruction®, teams build incredible structures from canned goods with the help of an architect. The creations will be built and displayed at the Westfield (Broward) Mall to generate interest, awareness and support for hunger issues in our community. After the structures are displayed, they are broken down and the cans are donated to local food pantries. Last year, the event generated more than 25,000 cans of food for people in need and this year, we hope to donate 50,000 cans!


Teams build on Thursday, June 2 and the structures will be on display until Sunday, June 6.

Come vote for your favorite structure! Help to build Structure! Donate from $1 to $1000 or more! To help us build our structure of cans.

This year’s theme is Florida. The Cinthia Ane AJE Team will be building the Cinderella Castle from Disney.

If interested in helping financially this is a tax deduction, please send check payable to Hope Outreach.

In memo put AJE team/Canstruction to help purchase can goods to build our Cinderella Castle of Cans.

Send donations to: 9850 SW 4 Street, Plantation, Florida 33324

I will meet & equal all donations of $1 to $1000 towards purchasing cans for our structure.

I have already committed to $4000 personally, but hope to raise over $8000+ this year towards this year’s overall goal.

Please help me! And the AJE REO Home Team to help feed the 1 in 6 Broward County Residents suffering from hunger.

For more information or to get involved, please contact:

Cinthia Ane 954-295-4207 or email: