Why would anyone want to live in Delray Beach? Well, it could be that the beaches offer sunbathers and swimmers over two miles of public beach with easy access and amenities, plenty of recreational things to do and supervised by lifeguards every single day.

There are even more recreational activities you can find at some of the many parks in Delray Beach. Miller Park for example is where there are many baseball diamonds, three soccer fields and a number of basketball courts. Pompey Park has an Olympic-sized swimming pool that cost the municipality over $1 million to build.

There is a lot of history to Delray Beach, before Florida was even a state the area around Delray Beach was home to many Africans, Seminole Native Americans, and Black Seminoles. These people are still around today and continue to live in harmony with those who settled here in earnest from the mid-19th century.

Delray Beach is a village which happens to be located right on the coast. It has that prosperity about it which stemmed from the land boom which began in the 1920s. Tourism and real estate took off exponentially and the area has always been well known as a place where writers and artists like to hang out.

The area was once a quiet farming community but now enjoys a bustling downtown area, unique architecture and a winter resorts where many snow birds head to during the winter months to escape the bitter cold experienced every year after Christmas in the north-eastern states like New York, Massachusetts and Illinois.

Today, history plays a huge part in the city's identity and future direction. Delray Beach is considered a front runner in the state's growing historical preservation movement. The city has designated several neighborhoods as districts of special historic interest. Even the community are actively encouraged to preserve older homes where tourists will pay guided tour companies to come around a have a look.

Seasonal visitors to Delray Beach have recently boosted the tourism industry to the area with such great effect that the district was able to withstand the punishing effects of the real estate downturn that crippled much of the U.S. from 2007 onwards. Furthermore, history tells us that during the years of The Great Depression, Delray Beach was lifted by visitors escaping the cold winters and bleak depressive states in the north during the 1920s.

If your looking for a warm, laid back beach vacation or to live, check out Delray Beach.

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