Jupiter, in Palm Beach County, Florida is the county’s most northerly town. It has quite a large and bustling population of around 63,000. It is a place favored by many as a resort town bursting with sunshine, water sports and a host of leisure activities to do here.

The seaside town was once an abode for the Hobe Indians, who lived next to the Loxahatchee River. Hobe Sound is a small waterway cove named after the former residents of Jupiter. Roman mythology tells us that Jupiter was the God of Light and the Sky. Close to Jupiter is Juno Beach, in which Juno was Jupiter’s consort.

Home to some Rich and Famous

Jupiter is a beautiful place. Just drive around the neighbourhood and you will see spectacular homes, rich tropical landscaping adorning the front lawns and even one or two famous names with a place here, or at least, a connection to the town.

People like Michael Jordan, the NBA basketball legend, singer-songwriter Tori Amos and award-winning Celine Dion all have connections to this town. It is also a great place to own a holiday home if maybe you are an exceptional golfer, or a famous one: Rory McElroy and Tiger Woods are based in Jupiter whenever there is a big tournament in the region.

A Tropical Savannah

Jupiter has a climate which can be best described as a tropical savannah haven. Even in the coldest month of January, temperatures here average around 13c (55F) with practically no frost. The hottest months of July and August will see the mercury rise to 32c (90F) and 34c (93F) respectively by day. The summer months also produce regular thunderstorms as the heat and humidity of the day builds up. These tend to pass after an hour or so.

However, living in this area does leave you vulnerable to passing hurricanes. Hurricane Andrew came very close to the town in 1992 and almost wiped out Homestead, an inland housing development on the outskirts of the town.

The Cost of Living in Jupiter

The cost of living in Jupiter is a little bit higher here than you might find in the average American town. Home prices are averaging around $310,000, although that is down from $352,000 in 2015. It is a bustling city with lots going on in the metropolitan area. Many regard Jupiter as a resort town with a diverse mix of cultures, great transport links and an ideal place to visit for a break or short holiday.