With year long sunshine and warm temperatures, Florida has long been the destination of choice for many Americans. The state is positively teaming with tourists and folk that have decided to migrate down to the Sunshine State because it has a climate that ticks all the boxes for so many people. It is the destination of choice for millions of Americans during the winter months when Boston, New York and Detroit shiver in sub-zero temperatures while Florida can regularly boast daily temp averages well in to the 70s.

It's no surprise that the real estate market in Florida for luxury homes is, and always has, been booming.


Even throughout the housing market collapse and the economic recession, which began in 2007, Florida's luxury homes were always a source of great interest. 

Affluent Neighborhoods:

Take Fort Lauderdale as an example where luxury homes in this neighborhood have always generated huge interest, not just from Americans but from several investors overseas. Chinese, Vietnamese and investors from Taiwan have been particularly busy in areas like Victoria Park and The Isles, where you will come across elegant homes with huge expensive yachts docked right outside the front door of $1 million homes.

Many of the homes in these neighborhoods are very old and have charm, quality and a certain traditional style of architecture about them. But Florida is producing new complexes and one luxury pre-construction going up in south west Florida is The Concession; a gated golf course community residence located SE of Tampa between Sarasota and Manatee County.


The Concession

The Concession is true luxury and secure community estate with most homes having 1 acre + lots looking over a huge lake and other homes having preserve views with golf course views. Here you will see towering pine trees, oak trees that are hundreds of years old and a community that is one of a kind right on the Florida Gulf Coast. 

The real estate market is seeing homes at The Concession being snapped up despite the price range starting from $250,000 and reaching $890,000. It is places like The Concession and other Florida gated communities that are thriving in 2014 and these homes could form a huge shift in the luxury home real estate market.

Luxury homes in Florida have those tropical breezes, surrounding elements of nature and a real estate market that doesn't seem to recognize the word "slow housing market."