Take riding lessons near Miami equestrian homesPeople living in Miami equestrian homes who are looking for a good place for riding lessons and horse training should check out Miami Equestrian Club. Located in horse country, the club is one of many South Florida horse properties in this area. You’d never guess how close you are to the bustle of downtown Miami if you didn’t already know! It’s a perfect area for breathing fresh air and learning the right way to handle these magnificent creatures.

Take Lessons, Go to Camp, or Plan an Event near South Florida Horse Properties

Three professional trainers give horseback riding lessons and also train horses. Each of them has many years of experience in riding and competing themselves, as well as years of training to be effective teachers. Lessons at Miami Equestrian Club focus on both the rider and the horse. You’ll learn all aspects of caring for your horse. The philosophy at the club is that horses and riders who have a strong bond will ride better together. Learn both Western and English styles of riding. A single private lesson is $75, and you can save money by purchasing a package. Packages of private lessons are offered for four to 16 sessions. Each one lasts 45 minutes. Hour-long group lessons are also available.

Horses have to be trained to accept a rider, and Miami Equestrian Club is a great place to get your horse trained. The trainers use the natural horsemanship method, which is very gentle and focuses on good communication between horse and rider. Each package is tailored to the needs of the horse and rider. In addition to lessons, the club offers boarding packages.

Kids from Miami equestrian homes can get a full education on taking care of horses at the annual seasonal camps. They are offered during winter break, spring break, and over the summer. Campers also learn to help with farm chores. They get to relax with arts and crafts, games, and water play.

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