Check cell coverage on South Florida homes for saleIt often does not come to mind to think about a property being in a cell phone dead zone when searching for South Florida homes for sale. There are enough things to think about when hunting for Miami real estate such as the neighborhood, type of home, and location. Cell coverage usually gets bumped off the list of must haves. That is for good reason because there are many things you can do to remedy this situation.

Although your particular carrier may not have great service or not be available at all South Florida homes for sale, there should be a carrier that does. Ask neighbors which service providers work best in their homes and do some research to find a new carrier. This is much easier than finding a new dream home. Once you have some ideas for new providers that will work better in your home, shop around. Figure out who offers the best 4G coverage and the best price. Also make sure the new company will allow you to bring your old number.

Read About Options to Boost the Signal on Miami Real Estate

Even if switching is not possible or if there are not any providers that can provide good reception, there are still options to get decent cell service. A great option is to enable WiFi calling and texting. This uses your internet for making calls and texting instead of your cell network. You can still use the cell network when out and about, but your internet will provide high quality calls at your home. Another option is to buy a femtocell. This is a small network extender that is carrier-specific. Check with your carrier to see if this could be an option. A final option is to purchase a signal booster. If there is one spot in your new home that gets a good signal, the signal booster can re-broadcast that signal to other areas of the house. These devices can work on any cell phone, but it is very important that there is a good signal somewhere in the house.

There is no need to cross a dream home off of the list because of bad cell service. There are many options for fixing this problem. Look into a new carrier, enable WiFi calling and texting, or look into a way to boost your signal.