Folks trekking through the wilds of West Palm Beach property may encounter exotic animals along their pathways. At McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary hundreds of species of wildlife thrive in a haven all of their own. Over seven acres of lush Florida landscape provide shelter for animals in need of rescue and rehabilitation. Big cats, primates, reptiles, birds and other animals all have their own place to flourish on the grounds.

Private tours open up this wonderland to residents living in West Palm Beach. Expert staff lead the way introducing visitors to the inhabitants of the sanctuary. Those on the tour learn the history of each critter from their country of origin, characteristics of their species, diet, how they came to be at the refuge and their individual personality quirks. Enthusiasm of the guides is catching and the intimate relationship each employee has with the animals shines bright.

Lions and Tigers and Leopards Are Living in West Palm Beach

A variety of animals are showcased on the guided walks. Big cats include white tigers, African lions, black leopards, ligers, and lynx. Birds of a feather flock together and include parrots, macaws and others. Primates spend time on the West Palm Beach property monkeying around while nearby the resident sloth takes a snooze. Creepy and crawly creatures call the Reptile Room home. Here snakes slither and lizards leap. The brave of heart observe jumping vipers, albino pythons, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, bearded lizards and gila monsters. Interactions with the animals cause smiles and laughter. Guests have the opportunity to get up close and personal with parrots, tarantulas, tortoises, snakes and more.

Reservations for visitations are required and can be made by calling 561.790.2116. Doors are open Tuesday to Saturday and cost $35 for adults and $25 for children. Proceeds benefit the animal inhabitants of this non-profit as well as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Because of the nature of the experience only children over five years of age will be admitted. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary has earned thousands of five star reviews on and proudly recognized as a top entertainment destination in West Palm Beach. Take a guided video tour here.